Sutton, a creative community in an Appalachian village

Allow yourself to be swept up in the vibrancy of this bilingual, 4,000 resident community which offers a year-round cultural program!  Festivals, a museum and historical society, a concert hall, libraries, along with six art galleries and a huge sculptures park. The destination is accredited as a Cœur villageois, a pilot project designed to highlight the authenticity and tourist potential of certain Townships’ communities. Many of its eateries are accredited Créateurs de saveurs and Café de village: year-round meeting spots where you can be immersed in Sutton’s conviviality.

Considering the number of active artists in the community, Sutton is regarded as one of the most artistic towns in the entire country. Check out the cultural directory which includes 20 local organizations.

Wend your way along country roads where the wooden houses of the first American colonies are set under the maple trees.  Along the way, you’ll be surprised to find a long forgotten cemetery. Make a welcome stop along the banks of the river or in the shadow of one of the   seven steeples, with the breathtaking panorama of the Green Mountains forming a majestic backdrop. Through the tales and folklore and a tailor-made ambiance of sound, each auto-guided heritage circuit plunges you into history.

Cultural calendar

Visual arts MARIE CÔTÉ & JOSEPH BRANCO | […]

Description in French only.

Du 8 avril au 30 mai 2021.

Lorsque Marie Côté, céramiste-sculpteure, découvre un lieu, un territoire, elle ne se contente pas de la surface ou du paysage. Elle va sous la surface, cherche la terre, la profondeur du lieu, sa spécificité, […]

Galerie Arts Sutton


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Du 19 juin au 11 octobre 2021.

Le Conseil d'administration du Musée des communications et d'histoire de Sutton est fier d'annoncer que l'exposition consacrée à Monique Leyrac, qui n'a pas été présentée comme prévu en 2020, […]

Museum of Communications and History of Sutton

Sutton June 19th
Other events TOUR DES ARTS

From July 10th to July 18th, 2021.

Exceptional works, unique artists and masterful workshops… This summer set sail for the Eastern Townships for the must-see cultural event - the Tour des Arts.

This annual event invites you to delve into the one-of-a-kind world […]

Tour des Arts

Sutton July 10th
Cultural calendar
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