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Here are some of the must-see cultural activities in Brome-Missisquoi!  Discover shows, exhibits, museums, plays and much more! The region has lot to offer, so don’t be shy, check back with us often!

Andréanne Larouche
Visual arts

Parc D’Arts et de rêves

The Cultural Park of D’Arts et de rêves in Sutton is Crisscrossed with trails from which visitors can admire a collection of monumental sculptures.

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Three Pines Tours

Discover the charming villages and beautiful sights of the Eastern Townships that have inspired Louise Penny to write such great novels.

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Sutton heritage Tours

Meander along Sutton’s back roads. Admire the scenery that charmed the early settlers of the Eastern Townships. Listen to music and sounds created especially for this circuit. Each of our self-guided heritage tours is a rendezvous with the history of Sutton. Hear voices from the past including a brothel madam, First World War soldiers and founders of the village, all brought to life by expert storytellers.

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Lac-Brome Theater

The Brome Lake Theater is a cultural center offering a bilingual program during the summer season. The varied program includes music, theater, film and special events.

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Children’s museum

Step back in time and discover what life was like for the families that called Brome County home in the mid-19th century. How did children in the 1800s eat, learn and play? What kinds of work were they expected to do, and what responsibilities did they have at home? How was their experience different from your life, and how is it the same?

Part of the Brome County Historical Society Museum in Knowlton, the Children’s Museum brings history to life with hands-on interactive exhibits.

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The Walbridge barn – A unique North American heritage treasure!

Built in 1882 in Mystic, picturesque hamlet of the municipality of Saint-Ignace-de-Stanbridge, this unique structure is the oldest polygonal, 12 sided barn in North America. It contains the remains of an ingenious suspended swivelling bridge which was attached to the roof and facilitated hay transfer and storage. The barn is an outstanding example of the creative and original genius of its creator, Alexander Salomon-Walbridge, an engineer, gentleman-farmer and inventor. The Walbridge Barn is part of a visit to the Missisquoi Museum where you will learn about the agricultural machinery and tools used in the past.

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