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Michael Hynes
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Photo: Ian Chapman

Photo: Ian Chapman

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Video: Michel St-Jean

Michael Hynes was born in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg in 1960. He has performed with, written and produced for a variety of artists and ensembles both in Canada and the US as well as in Europe

As a freelance music producer he has worked with such artists as Aki Takahashi, Margaret Leng Tan, Rohan de Seram, Stephen Clarke and D’Arcy Philip Gray – for a variety of labels including Mode (New York) Hatart (Geneva) World Editions (Cologne) Furiant (Toronto) and Anelekta (Montreal).

He has appeared as a piano soloist performing his own concerti with Composer’s orchestra and the CCMW orchestra in Toronto and now is in demand as a jazz pianist in the Montreal area.

He is an associate of the Canadian Music Centre and has been a member of the executive council of the Canadian League of Composers as well as the advisory board of the Toronto Arts Council.