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Photo : Michel St-Jean

Photo : Michel St-Jean

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Video : Michel St-Jean

Michèle Marcotte has more than 20 years of teaching experience. She started up the Davinci program (art option) at Massey-Vanier High School. The program has been in existence for four years and it is aimed at students in Secondary 1 and 2.

Michèle Marcotte’s plastic art courses allow students to explore various artistic techniques and trends while incorporating the ideas from subjects they were taught in other classes. During their program, students who are enrolled for these courses also have the opportunity to visit local exhibitions and talk with artists from the area. Thus, they are made aware of the importance of arts in our community.

The art works produced by the students are disseminated on the school’s website, in other classes, and sometimes even outside the school. In fact, you can admire the Davinci program students’ works at the Cowansville library, from April 11 to May 23, 2015.