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Organization / cultural worker

Films OIseau de nuit

Mme Mimi Tremblay
13, rue Windsor app.104
Bromont (Québec)
J2L 2J7
Organization / cultural worker

Films OIseau de nuit

Films Oiseau de nuit' (Night Bird movies) is a Non-Profit Organization with the mission to inspire you to live your dreams through the travel cine-conferences. The Night Bird Film project is the dream of a filmmaker and traveler, Mimi Tremblay, who wants to make her two greatest passions a career. The new director wants to create a series of ten long feature films around the world. Films Oiseau de nuit creates an annual Grande Première event that takes place in Bromont. the film is then self-broadcast throughout Quebec and the organization also makes representations in schools to inspire the public of high school, CÉGEP and University to move towards what really fascinates them. « I chose to make you think by creating something that comes from me, because the best stories are starting from yourself, any writer would tell you that. The seventh art is the most modern way of telling a story, and that's why I chose cinema as a medium instead of the novel. Travel is the fastest way to release tension today ... it's the fashionable way to get the stress out. In this way, the spirit of peaople is more relax and open, and I think I will reach more people that way » says the director and co-founder of the project Mimi Tremblay, specialized in film screenwriting at the university. She also works with her sister Maryse Tremblay, producer and executive director, graduated in project management and has been specializing for many years in the management of projects in the field of the living arts. They have already made two feature films and the adventure continues!
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