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Artist / Artisan

Pascale Bouchard - Artiste

Mme Pascale Bouchard
D-1122, rue du Sud
Cowansville (Québec)
J2K 2Y8
(450) 578-5303
Artist / Artisan

Pascale Bouchard - Artiste

Art, both in his technique than in his creative freedom has inspired Pascale Bouchard since his childhood. As far back as she can remember, Art was a sphere where she could escape and afford to be, which has led the College in Trois-Rivières for a technical in Fine Arts for a period of 2 years. She continued her student route by picking excellence with a bachelor's degree in Plastic Arts UTQR in education. She will teach the Arts as at the state level, and private for 11 consecutive years. During this path of education Pascale Bouchard will meet with the medium encaustic and will change completely transform his art. This medium dating from the 4th century BC, which consists in mixing the color pigments with melted wax and then apply it on a surface of such timber or any other canvas, awakens a passion in her that corresponds in all respects its primary needs in his Art is that which consists in awakening the senses through movement, color and texture. After four years of constant exploration and practice, Pascale Bouchard is now at the stage of pleasure, where she mastered perfectly this medium in many of its forms. This technique leads to define abstract or figurative concepts that present projects with fluidity, overlays and breakdowns plans and elements giving a different approach to the ART is often defined by the texture of wood and making a signature UNIQUE. In parallel, Pascale Bouchard also works well acrylic (with collage and texture) as watercolor, drawing, and ink. She is a complete artist and these mediums are proving very often large and deliverers accomplices to structure different bases before work in encaustic. To give birth to works unique expressions, Pascale Bouchard can in his memoirs which emerge shapes and compositions that allow it to take "ITS PLACE" with conviction and detachment as an artist. "Taking his place is definitely the most difficult thing to do but when we found his" chair "that intended us, which allows us to BE, our life takes on the colors of the Arc en Ciel! " : Pascale Bouchard. His choice is made, he devoted all his time to his creation and his well-being. Pascale Bouchard want to reflect his heart "The heART" through his business where the artist wants to join the creativity that inhabits the heart of every human being to weave their own cloth in their life and / or to arouse in everyone them a state of well-being and freedom. Pascale Bouchard wish you all the welfare and happiness that your Heart can hold ... Art, for the awakening of creativity and its intuitions!
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