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Artist / Artisan

Sylvie Dupré

Mme Sylvie Dupré
141, rue de l'Émeraude
Cowansville (Québec)
J2K 3X1
(450) 955-0791
Artist / Artisan

Sylvie Dupré

A born artist, self-taught and endowed with a great sensibility in capturing and getting a feel for movement and energy, she is still seeking to refine her art; composition, colour harmony, clear-obscure, the luminosity and unity of the work. An impressionist and realist style painter, many of her works are included among private collections in Canada and beyond, including New York and China. And, since she is attracted by nature, she likes to do live, on the spot, painting. She has imparted her artistic and technical knowledge by teaching for 16 years, giving specialized courses in oil painting. She organizes exhibitions for her students and paints for her clients' private collections. A portrait artist in her spare time, Sylvie strives to inject life into her subjects. She is able to give a face a look that reflects a spirit you can then feel throughout her entire body of work. She also gives therapy-through-art workshops for children and adults. Over the last few years, she has been producing a series of works intended for a future solo exhibition. In 2006-07, she participated in the fall-winter program of the city of Saint-Hubert's art and culture journal by lending an image of one of her works. In recognition of her work, Sylvie was awarded first prize in the 2002 edition of the prestigious Ateliers Roland Proulx competition.
Visual arts
  • Painting
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